Monday, March 7, 2011

TV Rating For WWE Smackdown 3/4/11

The 3/4 edition of Smackdown did a 2.0 rating with 2,998,000 viewers.
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JBL Returns On WWE Raw

Former WWE Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield returned to WWE on Raw tonight. He was set to be named the Special guest Referee for Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole but Stone Cold Steve Austin signed the contract after using his Stunner on JBL.
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Stipulation For Undertaker Vs Triple H At WrestleMania 27 Announced

It was announced on WWE Raw that Undertaker vs Triple H at WrestleMania will be an No Holds Barred, No DQ, No Countout contest.
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Special Referee For Jerry Lawler Vs Michael Cole At WrestleMania 27 Announced

It was announced on Raw that Steve Austin will be the special guest Referee as Jerry Lawler takes on Michael Cole at WrestleMania 27
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Results For WWE Raw 3/7/11

Undertaker is in the ring and says that two legends and icons will collide at Wrestlemania, and in the end, there can only be one last outlaw. He says the word on the street is that many feel that this is the year the streak will be broken, and that Father Time and all the injuries have caught up to him. There are also those that feel like it's Triple H who is the one guy that has what it takes to bring him down and end the streak. Undertaker wants to remind everyone what happened at the last two Wrestlemanias when someone else thought they had what it took to end the streak, perhaps the greatest of all time, Shawn Michaels.

We go to a great video package recapping the events of those two Wrestlemania matches, and then we come back and Undertaker says that at Wrestlemania, there will be no excuses or regrets, no disqualifications or countouts, and no rules. The match at Wrestlemania will be No Holds Barred, and anything can happen but one thing is ironclad: Triple H ends the streak and he dies, or Triple H dies trying because at Wrestlemania, he will REST...IN...PEACE.

Coming up tonight: John Cena responds to the Rock and, for the first time in a year, Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to Monday Night Raw!

Before the commercial, we go backstage to Randy Orton beating up all of Nexus by himself until Mason Ryan tackles him into the wall and the four of them are finally able to overwhelm him and allow CM Punk to get right in his face and repeatedly ram the back of his head into the wall before giving him the GTS. Punk tells his crew to pick "this piece of garbage" up and bring him to the ring NOW.

Mike tags in.

We return from commercial with Randy Orton in the ring being beaten down by CM Punk and the Nexus. A number of officials hit the ring, trying to halt the damage. Cue Steve Austin? Nope. David Otunga takes off his shirt and demands the referee ring the bell. So, the plot here was so the Nexus could defeat Orton and be at ringside for Wrestlemania during Orton vs. CM Punk.

Orton says he is ready and they ring the bell.

Randy Orton vs. David Otunga

Otunga attacks Orton in the corner and takes him down, stomping and beating him. Otunga slammed Orton and scored a near fall. He pulled up Orton and nailed a sidewalk slam for another near fall. He pulls Orton up again but Orton snaps him with an RKO for the pin.

Your winner, Randy Orton!

Orton teases the punt but Mason Ryan hits the ring and takes down Orton, He begins talking trash but Orton catches him with an RKO as well. CM Punk charges the ring but balks at hitting the ring. Orton and Punk meet eye to eye and Orton decides to punt Otunga. Punk races around the ring to pulled Otunga to safely but isn't fast enough and Otunga is punted into oblivion.

Michael Cole laughs about Jerry Lawler agreeing to Cole's choice of a special referee at Wrestlemania.

They show clips of John Cena defeating Alex Riley last week in a Steel Cage match, forcing Riley to be fired by WWE champion The Miz.

They showed Miz's comments on Twitter announcing he was refusing to appear on Raw tonight. Michael Cole pushed that Miz shouldn't be an afterthought in the Cena vs. Rock issue.

They show clips of John Cena defeating Alex Riley last week in a Steel Cage match, forcing Riley to be fired by WWE champion The Miz.

They showed Miz's comments on Twitter announcing he was refusing to appear on Raw tonight. Michael Cole pushed that Miz shouldn't be an afterthought in the Cena vs. Rock issue.

Christian came to the ring. Richard Rodriguez then introduced Alberto Del Rio. Brodus Clay came out with Del Rio. Del Rio cut a promo as he walked to the ring, saying it was his destiny to become the World champion at Wrestlemania. He said that he and Christian were going to fight but not tonight. He said that if Christian wants to fight him, he has to get through Clay.

Christian vs. Brodus Clay

Clay controlled Christian early, overpowering him but Christian came back with several rights. Clay destroyed him and dropped several big elbows for a two count. Clay went after Christian's pectoral injury, locking on a deep armbar. Christian tried to fight him off but was picked up for an thrown exploder suplex.

Clay went for a big splash but Christian rolled out of the way. Christian nailed several dropkicks including a missile dropkick but only received a two count. Clay decimated Christian but Christian got his shoulder up. Clay went for an over the shoulder powerslam but Christian slipped out. He avoided a charge in the corner and nailed a tornado DDT for a pinfall.

Your winner, Christian!

Alberto Del Rio attacked Christian immediately. Christian tried to fight him off but was caught in the rolling armbreaker. Del Rio released it and continued to stomp on Christian's arm and smiled as he left.

We go to Rock's comments about John Cena last night.

We return with an excellent video introducing us to Sin Cara, That was the former Alex Kozlov of AAA taking all the big spots, by the way.

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews announce the latest inductee of the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame, Sunny.

WWE Divas champion Eve Torres vs. Nikki Bella

Gail Kim is in Eve's corner.

They lock up with Eve backing her into the ropes. She controls Bella early, slamming her face-first into the turnbuckles and flinging her across the ring by her hair. She continues the beating and covers Bella for a one count.

Bella sidesteps Eve and sends her into the ropes, then chokes her against them. Nikki flings Eve across the ring and covers her for a two count as Michael Cole takes the mic and demands they get this over with. He says that while their family wanted to see them compete tonight, no one else does because everyone cares about Michael Cole's announcement.

The match continues as Cole continues ranting and raving on the mic that he's the main event. The Bella try to pull Twin Magic but the referee catches it and forces Nikki back in the ring, Eve hits a float over DDT and scores the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Divas champion Eve Torres!

Michael Cole takes the mic and says that next he's going to make his big announcement.

They run a promo for Smackdown saying that Undertaker will have a message for Triple H. Didn't he have that an hour ago?

They promo Snooki's appearance on Raw next week.

Michael Cole is in the ring doing his full Andy Kaufman. The ring is covered in a red carpet. Cole bragged that he would compete in his first match ever at Wrestlemania, claiming it was the main event. Cole said that he has a document in his hand and the man who signs them will have the honor of being the guest referee and holding his hand high when he defeats Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania. Remember those words.

Cole said that he does have respect for Lawler so he's chosen a referee that would be impartial. Cole said that he wanted someone that would give Lawler a fighting champion at Wrestlemania. He introduced a former WWE champion and an "iconic figure". He said that much like him, he's a legendary Texan. He started an "Austin" chant but then said he fooled them all.

Cole introduced JBL. JBL said that he understands that the fans in Dallas have been without champions so he looked down at them from NYC and decided to return. JBL said that tonight was so much more important than the fans in Dallas. JBL said he was going to Wrestlemania and that no one has ever debuted in the main event of Wrestlemania until now (Brock Lesnar says hello, by the way). JBL said that he watched over the years as Jerry Lawler bullied Cole. JBL said that if there's one thing he hates in life, it's bullies and people that prey on the weak. (Blue Meanie says hello, by the way).

JBL said that it's great to see Michael Cole training and he's going to do great with Jack Swagger training him. He said that he is a man of integrity and when he signs his contract, it will be a moment that everyone will remember forever, because when he does, its the moment JBL begins his journey back to Wrestlemania.

The glass breaks!

Steve Austin comes down to the ring wearing his new WWE t-shirt. He does the middle fingers during his salute, which he didn't do last time out. He gets in JBL's face as JBL begins berating him. Fans are chanting for Austin. JBL says that he doesn't care who Austin is, he's messing with JBL. JBL eats a stunner and begins catching some beers for the beer bash. Michael Cole returns to the announcing table and says that Austin ruined his night. Austin pours a beer over JBL's beaten and prone body.

As Austin makes his way around the ring, he finds the contract for Wrestlemania and smiles. Michaels begins begging and crying as Steve Austin looks over the contract. Austin asks the crowd if they want him to sign the contract. They give him a "Hell Yeah" and he gives them a John Hancock. Cole was tremendous here crying and asking why Austin did this to him. Austin announced he would be the referee as Cole said he was going to be sick. Cole began asking Austin why he did this to him. Austin shook Cole's hand and wished him luck, then poured two beers over Cole's head.

Austin returned to the ring as JBL began recovering. Michael Cole began walking out and Austin poured another beer on Cole's head. JBL recovered. Austin handed him a beer and they toasted. Austin kicked him in the gut and JBL ate another Stunned. Austin looked like he was having the time of his life.

Backstage, Michael Cole was freaking out about Steve Austin being the guest referee. Jack Swagger told him to relax and focus. He asked if Cole trusted him. Cole said that he did. Swagger told him to worry about Jerry Lawler and Swagger would worry about Steve Austin. He said that he would break Austin's ankle like a twig.

A happy Jerry Lawler made his way to the ring as they showed a replay of the Austin stuff.

WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Sheamus has a totally defeated and lost look on his face, just demoralized. They locked up and Sheamus caught Bryan in the corner with a series of knees and punches. He slammed Bryan and clotheslined him low for a two count.

Sheamus went for a short arm clothesline but Bryan ducked. Sheamus ended up on the apron and Bryan dropkicked him off. Sheamus went down and "injured" his ankle. He wasn't able to return to the ring in time and was counted out.

Your winner, Daniel Bryan!

Sheamus pounded on the announcing table in frustration. He took the mic and said that he's had a losing streak the last few months but that will end next week. He challenged Bryan to a title match last week, and said that if he doesn't win, he'll quit. Bryan accepted.

CM Punk vs. R Truth

Punk slams Truth's shoulder into the ringpost several times. Punk beat on Truth and locked on an armbar. Truth began psyching himself up and came back with a rebound clothesline. He whipped Punk into the corner but Punk reversed it. Truth tried to go up and over but his shoulder hurt. Punk went for the GTS but Truth slipped out and nailed a kick.

Truth missed a charge in the corner, hurting his shoulder. Punk slammed him down on the shoulder, beat it with strikes and then locked on the Anaconda Vice for the submission.

Your winner, CM Punk!

After the match, Punk ordered Mason Ryan to hit Truth with a shoulderbreaker.

We go to a video piece with Shawn Michaels discussing how his relationship with Triple H over the years. He said that Triple H is never satisfied and that's why he takes on a challenge like The Undertaker. After you've accomplished everything that HHH has, you have to create your own new mountains to climb. He said that you have to respect his ability and talent but he can be straight out vicious, mean and brutal, taking delight in hurting others. Michaels said that if there's anyone that can defeat the Undertaker, it's Triple H. He says that HHH can do what he couldn't do and take all the emotion out of it and systematically defeat the Undertaker.

They show the Snooki video again and Vickie Guerrero begins screaming "Excuse Me!" She said that due to her exclusive negotiating efforts, Dolph Ziggler was now the newest member of the Raw roster. She called him a former World champion. World champion of poor booking perhaps.

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

Vickie joined the announcers on commentary. Guerrero said she and Dolph are now having a "business relationship." Ziggler took Morrison down and he ended up outside the ring as we went to commercial.

When we return from commercial, Ziggler continued working over Morrison until he missed a Stinger Splash in the corner. Morrison cleaned house with a series of aerial kicks. Morrison went for his twisting neckbreaker and covered Dolph but Ziggler draped his foot over the bottom rope.

Ziggler catches Morrison with the Zig Zag for the pin.

Your winner, Dolph Ziggler!

Guerrero celebrates and it's obvious that she cares more for Dolph than more as just a professional interest.

We get an email from the General Manager who informs us that while he's signed Dolph Ziggler, he hasn't signed Vickie Guerrero. He then announces that Vickie can have a job if she defeats her opponent next week, Trish Stratus. Guerrero freaks out as security removes her from the ring. Ziggler doesn't do anything to prevent this from happening, which Vickie isn't thrilled about.

John Cena came out for his promised "knockout" of The Rock, which the company had been pushing all night. Cena received a mixed reaction. He said that it's true, everything is bigger in Texas. He said that they have a lot of different people in the crowd - some that excited and some that are angry.

Cena said that he has one person mad at him because apparently Cena struck a nerve and we all know he's talking about The Rock. He said that he doesn't get it. He said that what Rock has to say about him is pretty funny. He says that Rock does an impression of him, but when Cena said something, Rock got mad Cena.

He said that Rock was angry that Cena addressed him in rap and that he should never address Rock in rap. Cena said that he would then address Rock in Hip Hop, which should clear everything up.

Cena cut a promo about Rock "staying home and reading off a teleprompter" instead of actually coming to Raw. He said that everyone is talking about Rock beating him and putting Cena on the shelf, but the only thing Rock is beating is himself.

Cena said that Rock bragged about himself for 30 minutes but if he wanted to be The People's Champ, "just show up."

Cena said that he didn't mean to make Rock angry, so he bought Rock's new shirt. It read "I Bring It Via Satellite."

Cena told Rock to have fun and make everyone laugh, but don't ever bring him out again, because that's "like bringing a knife to a gun fight."

Cena's music started but from behind, The Miz hit the scene and drilled Cena with the WWE title belt. He nailed Cena again. The angle could have used some blood to add to the effectiveness but that wasn't going to happen.

Miz took the mic and kneeled before the unconscious Cena. Miz said that Cena, The Rock and everyone else has disrespected him for the last time. Miz said that every time he and Rock get into it, this is what happens to him, and the same would happen to The Rock if he was there. Miz then did a quick rap saying that no one compares to The Miz.

Miz then addressed The Rock, saying that they haven't been properly introduced. Miz said that he was the star of Wrestlemania while Rock is just the Guest Host, so he needs to know his role and be the "Best Ryan Seacrest he can be." Miz said that if Rock shows up at Raw or Mania, Miz is going to take his eyebrow, his 40 catchphrases, his sunglasses, his father and his grandfather and shove them up his....

Miz saw Cena recovering, so he nailed Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale. He then hit the People's Elbow to mock Rock and declared he was awesome.
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CZW 3.7.11: Counting Down to CZW THIS SATURDAY

*COMBAT ZONE WRESTLING - “Status Update: Fantastic!”*

Saturday, March 12, 2011 – 7:30 pm bell time

The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA

”Status Update: Fantastico” Facebook Event Site
– Less than a week from CZW’s lead in event to “Best of The
Best”, “STATUS UPDATE: FANTASTIC!” heads to The Asylum Arena, 7
W. Ritner ST in Philadelphia THIS SATURDAY, March 12 with a 7:30 pm
bell time.

MASADA and HOMICIDE are now a part of “Status Update: Fantastic!”
Masada will join Younger and Gulak, while Homicide plans to add to the
violence on the side of Havoc and Vortex!

CZW Promoter Maven Bentley has made it clear on

that The Runaways are banned until May. Suspended initially after
their on-going antics and their violent assault on tHURTeen, at TWELVE
they made their presence felt in The Best of The Best Qualifier.

Due to their interference, the participants of the Qualifier demanded
action from Maven Bentley to gain a BOTB spot back. See what happened
on CZW’s Official YouTube