Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Details On DivaMania Tour

Andrew Scott, the manager of the event, told the following informationg to Diva-Dirt.com.

Ashley, Kat, Maria and Taryn will be making their first tour stop on March 19th in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in association with Jay Delgado Entertainment.

The Divas will be signing autographs from 3-5pm at Starters Riverport. Fans can then party with the quartet from 11.30pm-1.30am at the same venue.

Admission for the two events is $10 each.

Venue address:
Starters Riverport
17 West 2nd Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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Radio: Wrestling News Live 2/28/11 Archived

WNL returned to the airwaves on 2-28-11 on the SNS Radio Network with
"The Outlaw of the IWC" The TreyDawg and "Mr. Money on the Mic" JJ(ALL CAPS)$exay.
On the show JJ started off solo as Trey was called in to work and thanked the continuous support the WNL/SNS Family have given the show over the last year as March 1st marks the 1 year anniversary onf the newest version of WNL with Trey and JJ.March 1st also is the 4th anniversary of the death of JSK and JJ still remebers him 4 yrs later. JJ opened the phone lines as tonights format will be a bit diffrent focusing on calls and emails. Sean joined the show with his thoughts on RAW, Trey joined the show as did Crelly who sang Happy Birthday to Sean. Trey and JJ sound off on the news that Jeremy Borash( or someone with accesss to his official twitter account) posteda rather disturbing tweet toward a fan thats getting more bad publicity for TNA. A lengthy disscussion on TNA is started with callers chiming in including Charles Shane.

After the break the conversation continues with calls from "The Pope of WNL" who explains the "Gospel according to the Pope" as well TM Bronx stops by with his thoughts. Flair16Time joins the show to stand up and defend TNA and JJ explains his thoughts on the creative problems with the company. After the final break The boys break down the latest news sponsored by Wrestling-Online.com including the signing of the former Mistico to WWE now known as Sin Cara(Faceless) and news on another Hulk Hogan Lawsiut. JJ gets to some emails and Trey tells a story about JSK before JJ ends the show with a song of the night dedicated to The Hulkster featuring Motley Crue as well as "The Mach", Warrior, The Dream, and even Stone Cold and The Iron Sheik on this 3 and a half hour broadcast "For the fans...By the fans".
(Note:DISCLAIMER : JJ and Trey can neither confirm nor deny that any celebraty voices on the show are authentic)

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Posters For WWE WrestleMania 27 And TNA Lockdown 2011

The posters for WWE's WrestleMania 27 and TNA's Lockdown have been released.

The new WrestleMania 27 poster can be seen here
TNA Lockdown poster can be viewed here
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John Cena Comments On "Death" Rumors

John Cena tweeted the following after internet rumors that he had been killed last night:

"CeNation. Apparently last night I was shot dead by a group of thugs. I also was apparently