Monday, January 31, 2011

*Spoiler* Results For TNA Impact 2/3/11

*Ink, Inc. defeated Gunner and Murphy.

*Scott Steiner, Crimson and Kurt Angle go over their game-plan to reveal They to the World.

*Jeremy Buck defeated Jay Lethal and Douglas Williams to enter the Against All Odds Four Way for the X-Division championship. Max Buck was doing commentary and came to the ring to help his brother.

*In his office, Eric Bischoff is freaking out that Ric Flair isn't there. AJ Styles and Robert Roode, among others, calm him down. Bischoff makes AJ promise that Jeff Hardy will get the belt back tonight for Immortal and Styles does.

*TNA champion Mr. Anderson comes down to the ring and asks Jeff Hardy to come down and grace us with his presence. Hardy comes down to the ring. Anderson then cuts a promo on both his and Hardy's time in WWE and how Vince McMahon was always in control of everything. He goes on to hype tonight's title match and both agree that there will be no outside interference tonight and this match is dedicated to both of Hardy and Anderson fan groups, so may the best man win. They shake to end the segment.

*Mickie James defeated Sarita in a bout where you had to knock out your opponent to win. Madison Rayne attacked James after.

*Jeff Hardy went to Eric Bischoff's office and made him promise Immortal would not interfere. Bischoff initially refused but finally agreed.

Bully Ray vs. The Pope turned into an angle. Before the match, Ray was treating SoCal Val really bad to the point she started crying. He then cut a promo on Devon, saying the Pope is better than Devon ever was. The Pope then cut a promo on Samoa Joe, announcing it's Joe vs. Pope at Against All Odds. Pope announces he and Ray are now a team. Joe and Devon come out and they have a tag match instead. Joe chases Pope to the back. Ray and Devon are left alone. Devon nails him with a chair and is dominating when referees and security hold them apart. As Ray is leaving, he spit a beer on two fans that were Devon's sons.

*Mr. Anderson comes out first and does the mic bit but gets attacked from behind by Jeff Hardy. They brawl down the ramp and around ringside. Security breaks them up and they finally get in the ring for the start of their match.

During the match, a ref is bumped and Immortal hits the ring and starts beating down Anderson, but then The Fortune members stop and attack Hardy and the rest of Immortal. So, "They" are AJ Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money. Matt Hardy, Rob Terry, Jeff Hardy, Gunner and Murphy look on in shock. Styles starts cutting a promo but Bischoff comes out and calls AJ an ungrateful son of a b**ch. Styles says that Bischoff ran another company into the ground but they aren't letting Bischoff do it to TNA. There's a mention that a ruling will be made in March over the power struggle between Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter as well. So, it's Fortune vs. Immortal.
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Results For WWE Raw 1/31/11

We start off with the man who made the Royal Rumble so much fun at the end of the match, Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo introduces the man who outlasted thirty-eight other men and a superhero, Alberto Del Rio. Ricardo is followed to the ring by a mariachi band.

Alberto tells the band to stop so he can address the people of Providence. Alberto reminds us who he is, but we already knew that. Alberto says that the people never listen. He says that he told everyone it was his destiny to win the Royal Rumble, but they did not listen. Ricardo tells them that they never listen and he told them. Alberto says that tonight we are going to celebrate him. He says that he is going to headline Wrestlemania as he points at the sign.

Even though the people do not deserve it, he hired the best mariachi in Mexico. They only play for the Mexican President and him. He says that this is not Justin Bieber music, it is real music.

Alberto has something important to tell everyone. He can choose his opponent for Wrestlemania and he has made his decision. Alberto says that he will make his decision right now. Alberto says that the championship he will wrestle for is the . . .

It is time to be Awesome, but we still have to hear Michael Cole gush over the most electrifying man crush in sports entertainment. Miz comes to the ring.

Miz congratulates Alberto for winning the biggest Royal Rumble in history. It is almost as important as winning Money in the Bank, cashing it in, and beating Randy Orton three times to retain his title. Miz tells Alberto that he hopes he faces him at Mania because he knows that he will be champion.

Miz says that Edge will lose his title at the Elimination Chamber. Miz says that Edge was celebrating last night and he was telling everyone that he would beat Alberto at Wrestlemania. He says that Edge said that Alberto’s cars were rentals. Miz says that you can ask Alex. Alex says that he heard Edge say that he has no respect for a second rate JBL and Tito Santana knock off.

Alberto says that he knows Miz and he says that it is a ploy to make Alberto choose Edge instead of him. Alberto wants to know if Miz is lying to him. Miz responds with a few ‘reallys’. Miz says that Edge is afraid of Alberto because of what Alberto did to Edge’s buddy, Edge. Miz says that he wanted to tell Alberto the truth.

Edge’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. Edge tells Alberto that Miz is right. He says that he does not like Alberto and he does not respect him. Edge says that he would never say those things behind Alberto’s back, he would tell it to Alberto to his face. Edge says that he will be champion at Wrestlemania and he will beat Alberto. Edge says that he is the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrated rrrrrrrrrrrrrr superstar, but we already knew that.

Alberto says that it is his destiny to be the greatest of the great and at Wrestlemania he will be the new . . . World Heavyweight Champion.

Edge congratulates Alberto and he punches Alberto.

The band, Miz, and Riley leave the ring. Alberto kicks Edge and then he goes el kabong on Edge and then puts Edge in a cross arm breaker.

Alberto picks up the World Title belt and then he leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we have a moments ago moment of Alberto Del Rio’s announcement.

It is time for the first buzzkill of the night as the Raw General Manager’s only friend stands up for something other than WWE or Miz and he climbs Mount Mac. He quotes that there will be a Raw Rumble match tonight. There will be seven superstars in the match. The winner will face the WWE Champion at the Elimination Chamber. The other six will be in the Elimination Chamber match. The participants are: Randy Orton, CM Punk, John Mor