Sunday, January 23, 2011

Triple H on ESPN NFL Sunday Countdown

Flair16time sent the following in:

Triple H made an appearance today on ESPN's NFL Sunday Countdown talking about Aaron Rodgers' touchdown celebration. It is known that in Aaron's touchdown celebrations he makes the end zone into his personal wrestling ring by signaling he is going to win the championship with the belt hand gestures that we see in wrestling. They showed a teaser before the main segment of an example of the touchdown celebration with Triple H watching it on a TV. HHH said, "Oo...look at that celebration!" While doing the gestures himself, well made up in a suit. In a 2nd teaser, HHH said "No one does a celebration like me. But, Aaron, you're getting close." They labeled the segment as "The Main Event".

Packer's quarterback Aaron Rodgers' is not boastful. But expect to see the Championship Belt when they score. His teammate's comment on how they love seeing it. Also, how the Green Bay community is embracing it. HHH comments, "This is one of those things that is an in-your-face gesture. For Aaron to score a touchdown, and let people know it is the Packers year. Right to the cameras. Way to go. If he was to critique it, it's a little bit low. And he needs to do it a couple times to get it across
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TNA Heading To Jacksonville In March

TNA will be holding an event at the Times Union Center For The Performing Arts in Jacksonville, Florida on March 18th, 2011. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.
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Sid Vicious Arrested On Drug Charges

Source: WMC news.

Former WWF and WCW World champion Sid Vicious was arrested on Friday in Memphis, TN on charges of marijuana possession, driving without a license and not wearing a seatbelt while driving.

According to the report, Sid was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt by a police officer, who noticed the bag of 18 grams of marijuana in his armrest.
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