Saturday, December 20, 2014

Plans For Roman Reigns/Royal Rumble

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE has had plans for Roman Reigns to win the 2015 Royal Rumble and go on to defeat Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 31 but there is a lot of skepticism on whether or not Reigns is ready for a push that big.

While Reigns may need some promo work and isn't that good on his own in lengthy singles matches, WWE is in need of a new top babyface star and that spot is his. There were plans for Randy Orton to to continue turning but Orton isn't a new star. Daniel Bryan is not WWE's type for the main event role, no matter how fans react to him, and there are still uncertainties regarding Bryan's future due to neck and elbow injuries.

That leaves Reigns and Dean Ambrose as the new top babyfaces. Ambrose is a better in-ring worker and delivers better promos but he fits less into WWE's mold of what they want their top babyface star to be. While Ambrose and Reigns both do strong merchandise numbers, with Ambrose's new hoodie being #1 during Thanksgiving, neither is doing numbers strong enough to be a top guy.

However, WWE will likely stick with the plans for Reigns' WrestleMania push as he's still considered the new top babyface.
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Update On Brock Lensar's WWE Future & Possible UFC Return

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Regarding Brock Lesnar's future after his current WWE deal expires the night after WrestleMania 31, it's said that it is not definite at all that Lesnar will not re-sign with WWE.

However, the thought process is that UFC may have the best shot at signing Lesnar because WWE may not be in a financial position to offer Lesnar a similar deal to what he's been signed to for the past three years. Lesnar also may use the interest from UFC and Bellator just to get a better offer from WWE.

It's worth noting that Lesnar appeared to be considerably smaller on RAW this week than he was when he returned in August and September. Lesnar would want to be around 285 pounds or smaller if he's going to start training for the Octagon again. If Lesnar does return to MMA, he would be almost 38 years old and away from the sport for four years.
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Josh Mathews Officially Joins TNA

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 18, 2014) – TNA, today, announced seasoned broadcaster Josh Mathews will join Taz to form the new IMPACT WRESTLING announce team. With Mathews doing play-by-play and Taz color-commentary, the new IMPACT WRESTLING announce team will debut during the LIVE broadcast of IMPACT WRESTLING on Destination America from New York City on Wednesday, January 7 at 9/8c.

“Josh Mathews is a dynamic talent who brings great energy and experience to commentating,” said John Gaburick, TNA’s Executive Vice President of Television. “I’ve had the pleasure to work with Josh for many years and know he, alongside Taz, will captivate fans and enhance the viewing experience.”

Raised in Indiana, Mathews moved to New York as a teenager to pursue his professional wrestling career and quickly established himself as a leading voice in sports entertainment and professional wrestling.

“I was amped up when I heard the news Mathews would be joining me to announce IMPACT WRESTLING on Destination America,” said Taz. “Our goal is to be the best announce team in wrestling today, combining Mathews’ work ethic and experience with mine alongside the best roster in wrestling. I am looking forward to sitting next to my friend and new announce partner on January 7 in New York City.”

“I’m elated to join TNA and be the new voice of IMPACT WRESTLING alongside my friend and three-time World Champion Taz,” said Mathews.  “I’d like to thank Dixie Carter and John Gaburick for this incredible opportunity. Mike Tenay is a legend in this business and I am humbled to build on the body of work he has established over the past 12 years on IMPACT. To have my voice attached to the amazing athletes who do what they do better than anyone in the world is a dream come true.”

IMPACT WRESTLING debuts on Destination America with a special LIVE broadcast on Wednesday, January 7 from 9-11 PM ET, televised from New York City’s legendary Manhattan Center. IMPACT WRESTLING will move to its permanent time slot on Fridays from 9-11 PM ET beginning January 16 on Destination America. And, IMPACT WRESTLING: UNLOCKED with Mike Tenay premieres in its permanent time slot on Saturdays from 10 AM-Noon ET beginning January 17.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More On Naomi Leaving Total Divas

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Regarding Jimmy Uso and Naomi no longer being part of the Total Divas cast, once they got married there wasn't much that could be done with them on the show because Naomi and Cameron had been broken up and most of the "married couple problems" storylines would be taken up by the other married couples on the show.
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WWE Reportedly Takes Shots At CM Punk On NXT

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter , the segment from NXT R Takerover where Corey Graves revealed that WWE's "world class doctors" advised him to retire after concussion issues. Graves is staying with the company in an announcer role.

The Graves segment had been planned but was partially meant to be a shot at CM Punk, specifically where Graves put over WWE's doctors as world class, how they identified his problem, did the right thing at the end and how he still has a job with the company
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