Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jake "The Snake" Roberts Hospitalized


Jake "The Snake" Roberts was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital Wednesday night ... and doctors say he has double pneumonia.

The WWE Hall of Famer fell ill on a flight from Atlanta to Vegas ... and was immediately hospitalized when he landed. We're told he's been in and out of consciousness ever since.

Wrestler Sinn Bodhi -- who has been at Jake's bedside all night -- tells us Roberts went to a doctor 2 weeks ago, and was told he had the flu and needed rest.

Bodhi says Jake's been in pain since ... but didn't think it was a big deal because of the prognosis.

We're told Roberts is in ICU, and his immune system is in bad shape. Doctors are letting him rest for a few days while they take more tests.

Bodhi adds, "Right now, we're all just staying positive."

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Friday, August 29, 2014

News On ODB Leaving TNA

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, ODB's TNA departure came after her contract expired and the company did not renew it Read more at
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 8/29/14


Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt via DQ when the Wyatt Family interfered. Big Show and Mark Henry evened up the odds to set up a six man tag.
Anyone who didn't see this becoming the night's main event when they opened with Reigns vs. Wyatt hasn't been paying attention.

Seth Rollins defeated Rob Van Dam.
A decent match between two accomplished performers. My only complaint would be they had wrestled on Main Event with Van Dam getting a countout win. So for the live audience, these two wrestled each other twice in less than an hour

WWE Divas champ Paige defeated Emma.
This was over in less time than it took me to type this paragraph. AJ skipped her way to the ring with a heart-shaped box of chocolates, professed her frenemy status and offered Paige a piece of chocolate. Paige was hesitant, but AJ's voice dropped several octaves and went up several decibels and she yelled "EAT ONE!" Paige grabbed one,  chewed it up and then spit it out at AJ. I have no idea where this is leading.

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger after Bo Dallas interfered.
It was the two wounded guys selling injuries kind of match, Swagger with the ribs and Rusev with the ankle, and Lana with the legs, OK Lana wasn't hurt but ignoring those legs isn't easy.
Bo threw in a towel on Swagger's behalf to confuse things and Rusev got the win with the Accolade. After the match Bo berated Swagger and then hit him with a B0-dog.

WWE Tag Team champion Jey Uso pinned Stardust but was beaten down.
A flash roll up for the win in a short match. Before the match, the Dust brothers apologized for their actions Monday. They were frustrated and lost their cool and asked the Usos to forgive them. But after the match they did another beatdown of the Usos. On the Main Event taping, they beat the Matadores, both of them, so someone's injury has healed but after the match they chucked Torito out of the ring just to be jerks. Am I the only one who can't figure out why they're making the Dust Brothers heels?

WWE United States champ Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow. Miz attacked Sheamus but Dolph Ziggler ran him off.
Sandow, poor poor Sandow, now has a steady gig as Damien Mizdow, stunt double for the Miz.Miz was Hollywood-ing it up on the phone in the back, when Kane interrupted and told whoever was on the phone Miz would be late because he a had match with Sheamus. If Kane's a heel, why is he harrassing Miz, another heel? Miz sneak attacked Sheamus after the match and was half way up the ramp when Ziggler came out and tossed him back in the ring. The Moneymaker escaped the Brogue kick and ran out through the crowd this time.

*Roman Reigns & Big Show & Mark Henry defeated The Wyatt Family
Not a bad match, strictly formulaic with Henry and Show doing face in Peril spots, everybody hits a big move and Reigns pinned Harper for the win. Cool ending, Harper tossed Reigns in to the ropes and went for the clothesline from hell, but got speared instead when Reigns ducked.
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More TNA Office Releases

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dewey Barnes has also been released by TNA. He previously appeared on TNA TV as an enhancement talent for Ethan Carter III.

It was said that the TNA office crew was a "skeleton crew" to begin with. The office cuts were done because of budget reasons, like most recent TNA departures.
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Update On Zeb Colter

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Zeb Colter has reportedly told people he's injured from the stiff kick he took from Rusev at WWE SummerSlam but there's also a story going around that he was injured outside the ring as well.
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