Friday, August 22, 2014

Knockout Leaves TNA

Over on, TNA has moved ODB to the alumni section of the roster suggesting she has parted was with the company.
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

News On Possible WWE Return For Bully Ray

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Regarding speculation that Bully Ray could be returning to WWE once his TNA deal expires, WWE expressed no interest in him for years and even when Devon was contractually available, WWE didn't make a play.

Bully has his detractors within WWE from his previous run there, most notably Randy Orton, and his age is a factor. Bully just turned 43 this summer.

Bully could obviously be an asset in WWE developmental working with the younger talents or as a backstage producer but WWE seems to have those positions filled right now and they're not making a lot of staff hires due to the ongoing budget cuts.
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More On Bully Ray's TNA Future


Regarding what Bully Ray told the TNA crew backstage at the live event on Sunday night, he didn't say he was gone yet but was saying his goodbyes because he thought he was on his way out. Based on what he was saying to some of the wrestlers, he believes he may never be back with TNA.

TNA and Bully were in talks for a new deal but couldn't come to terms, similar to the situation with AJ Styles and others in the past year or so.

There's talk that we will learn of many more TNA deals expiring in the next few weeks.
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TNA Knockout Pregnant

Over on Twitter, TNA Knockout Christy Hemme has announced she and her husband Charley Patterson are expecting their first child.
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More On Alberto Del Rio's WWE Release

Alberto Del Rio will reportedly be doing media appearances in the United States soon to go into more details about what happened with his WWE departure. Del Rio's representatives have contacted indie wrestling promoters in the US and said that Del Rio will be taking bookings for autograph signings and matches in the US very soon because he doesn't feel that WWE's one-year non-compete that keeps him from doing MMA and pro wrestling, while not paying him, will hold up in court. Del Rio's asking price for indie bookings is said to be extremely high.

Del Rio has been upset about WWE's social media worker Cody Barbierri not being fired for the incident they were involved in but for legal reasons, hasn't been saying anything like that publicly. At first Del Rio was going to speak out in the US media but decided against it. Now, his lawyers have reportedly given him the green light to speak out in the US.

It was also reported by those close to the situation that when Triple H called Del Rio about the departure, he told Del Rio to keep his nose clean and when the heat died down, they would re-hire him in 6 months. Del Rio said he wasn't interested in coming back. Top stars including Big Show, Randy Orton and John Cena all told Del Rio that they would push for him to be re-hired because most of the locker room was sympathetic to what had happened. Again, Del Rio made it clear he didn't want to come back.
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