Wednesday, November 26, 2014

*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 11/30/14


MizTV with The Big Show is interrupted by Daniel Bryan, who is the General Manager again.

*WWE United States champion Rusev won a Battle Royal to retain his title.

*WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella pinned Emma with the Rack Attack.

*Ryback defeated Seth Rollins by DQ when Kane attacked him with a chair.

*The New Day, dressed in snazzy blue outfits, defeated Curtis Axel and Slater Gator.

*Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Luke Harper, countout.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TNA Announce First Taping Of 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 25, 2014) – TNA Entertainment today announced tickets will be on sale beginning Dec. 5 for three consecutive televised events, Jan. 7 – 9, emanating from the legendary Manhattan Center in New York City for IMPACT WRESTLING’s debut on Destination America.

“With the explosive sold-out crowds in New York City this past summer, returning to the Manhattan Center for three huge events as IMPACT WRESTLING debuts on Destination America was an easy decision,” said Dixie Carter.

Tickets for the Jan. 7 – 9 televised events will go on sale beginning Friday, Dec. 5 at all Ticketmaster outlets, online at and by phone at 800.745.3000. Starting at just $20, tickets make great holiday gifts.

For an exclusive pre-sale code follow TNA President Dixie Carter on twitter @TNADixie.

For more information about IMPACT WRESTLING, including Manhattan Center event details, visit and click on Tickets. And be sure to follow IMPACT WRESTLING on twitter @impactwrestling.

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Update On Sting's WWE Status


Sting has signed a performers contract with WWE but there's no word yet on how long it's for or what the details are.

Sting reportedly didn't get the call to come in until Thursday. Sting is not expected to work any WWE live events and will likely work very few TV tapings. We noted yesterday that there's talk now of wrestling more than one match but not many more than that.

Part of WWE's plan with Sting will be to tease him a lot until he's needed for a big event.
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Live results for WWE Raw 11/24/14

So the aftermath of all that went down will happen in Indianapolis, IN for WWE Raw. The Authority will be making their farewell speech as they depart, and John Cena will be revealing the new GM. Gold & Stardust will be having their rematch for the Tag Belts against new champs The Miz... and The Miz (no, really) and there are reports of more surprises to come tonight after all that went down at Survivor Series. Keep it here for all the live action.

We start with a recap of Sting's arrival in WWE last night.

Team Authority's music hits and Stephanie & HHH are out to a chorus of boos for their farewell speech. They recap how Team Authority lost last night. Stephanie says she expected a hostile reception from the Universe. She says that Team Authority would have won had it not been for Sting. She reitterates how Cena is the only person that can bring them back in power on the show. They still have their company jobs and they still have each other. Triple H says the crowd got what they wanted, but they need to be careful what they wish for. No-one can cope with managing WWE. They deal with finance, business and supply & demand not on what's popular. He brings up Sting and wonders why he showed up, possibly to make Sting's career relevant. Sting's decisions made sure the demise of the company will come in the next 2-3 weeks. The Universe doesn't have the luxury of what The Authority knows to keep everything in control.

He says how everyone will wish they hadn't gone and are about to leave... until Daniel Bryan's music hits and he makes his return, heading to the ring to join The Authority in the ring. He taunts hem both, before they leave and head to the back and we go to commercial.

Back from break and Daniel Bryan still leads Yes! chants. Daniel says it's great to be back and tonight he's in charge of Monday Night Raw. Just because they lost, they're not bad people, so he invites all of Team Authority out, firstly Seth Rollins and his security, Kane, Rusev, Luke Harper & Mark Henry. Daniel says he won't strip anyone of the belts and he's making everything fair for everyone. He says how Seth was in a lot of handicap matches so Seth will team with 2 other superstars to take on John Cena & Dolph Ziggler. Seth says he wants to know what's going on and who Bryan will pick as his partners. Bryan says he won't decide, it will be the WWE Universe on the WWE App. the choices are Harper & Henry, Kane & Henry or Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury. Voting starts NOW!

He then turns his attention to Kane, his long time partner and thorn in his side. Kane is now no longer Director Of Operations, he's Director of Food & Beverage, so he won't be Corporate Kane, he'll be Concessions Kane. A man comes out with his gear and Kane heads off to sell his wares. He now turns to Rusev & Lana. Daniel says that as he's US champion, he should be more patriotic to the belt. So either he competes in a company wide Battle Royal for the belt, or Rusev has to pledge his allegiance to the USA. Next, he turns to Luke Harper. Tonight he'll be fighting on his own with the belt on the line, as he takes on the lunatic fringe, Dean Ambrose. Finally, it's Mark Henry. A big guy wants vengeance for what happened at Wrestlemania 2 years ago, that guy being Ryback. Bryan says that 'That's What He Do!!!' so he'll be facing Ryback tonight... and by tonight, he means next.

Ryback's music hits and he storms out attacking Henry on the ramp and they brawl around ringside as they go to break.

Back from break and the match is underway.

Match 1 - Mark Henry vs. Ryback
And within a few seconds, Ryback hits the Meathook Clothesline on Henry for the win.
WINNER - Ryback

Authority backstage looking set to leave, and they bump into Vince. Vince says he isn't angry with them, he's just disappointed. They had to overcome insurmountable odds, and they failed. She says how they're sorry, and Vince loses it saying the only thing he's sorry for is having to spend Thanksgiving dinner with them. They get in a  limo and head off.

We're back and Dean Ambrose is making his way out for action, and they recap his match last night with Bray Wyatt. They then also remind us how both guys will be in a TLC match in under 3 weeks. Luke Harper is out now, with his Intercontinental Title. This match is for the belt and Lilian Garcia makes the introductions.

Match 2 - Intercontinental Championship - Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper (c)
Good match. Harper shoved Dean into the ref, causing a DQ.
WINNER by DQ - Dean Ambrose. Harper retains.

Dean attacks Harper with a chair, and finishes him off with Dirty Deeds on a steel chair. The crowd call for more and Dean obliges by getting a ladder and a table, but before he can set them up, Bray Wyatt attacks him from out of nowhere. He throws Dean over the announce table and stacks the announcer's chairs and steel chairs on top on him, a reversal to last night's outcome at the end of their match. Cut to break.

Big E declares a New Day is coming soon.

Coming out now is Santino Marella & Larry The Cable Guy. Larry is out, ready to wrestle apparently. He does a decent comedy routine with Santino. Gold & Stardust then show up as they are in Tag Title action after the break.

WWE Rewind, then recap Miz and Mizdow's title win.

Miz & Mizdow make their entrance now as we're ready to go.

Match 3 - Tag Team Championship - Gold  & Stardust (Goldust & Stardust) vs. The Miz & Damian Sandow (c)
OK Match. Miz makes out that his face is hurt and medics look at it. Sandow takes a beating and a half and gets blind tagged by Miz, who hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Stardust for the win.
WINNERS and still Tag Team Champions - The Miz & Damian Sandow

WWE 2k15 Promo.

The 3-on-2 Handicap match is set for later, and voting is still ongoing.

Kane at the concessions stand getting berated by the woman in charge. Wow, that spot sucked.

Rusev & Lana are i nthe ring, not happy with Bryan's decree from earlier. Bryan says he'll give them one more chance to pledge allegiance and he'll make sure they do pledge. Sgt Slaughter's music hits and the Sarge is here and makes his way to the ring. He makes Lana start the pledge, but eventually Rusev has had enough, lets Lana leave the ring and stares down Sarge and backs him into one of the corners. Jack Swagger's music then hits and he comes out and attacks Rusev, but Rusev leaves the ring after escaping the Patriot Lock. Swagger's music plays to close the segment.

The 3-on-2 Handicap match is set for later, and voting is still ongoing.

Kane on the stand and Santino & Larry show up. Kane covers Santino in mustard, and Larry approves... what was that?

Justin Gabriel is in the ring, and his opponent is once again, the new and improved Fandango, who does his routine with Rosa. He lost the cool entrance music... which is bad. Methinks that Fandango needs to go the route of Classic coke soon.

Match 4 - Justin Gabriel vs. Fandango (w/Rosa Mendes)
Quick match. Fandango wins with a leg drop.
WINNER - Fandango

They recap Big Show's turn in last night's main event. He's backstage and is heading to the ring next.

Tomorrow on Main Event, it's Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

Big Show makes his way out to the ring. He says how some people felt he was a bad guy for walking out on his team. He says he's a human being that made a mistake. He admits he despised The Authority after all that they did to him and that he has a medical condition that makes him big. But underneath, he has feelings and fears. He panicked and made a snap decision last night, after Ziggler being out and Cena looking groggy. He did what he thought he had to do. He asks for forgiveness but the crowd boo. Show is a good person. If he could do it over again, he wouldn't have done what he did. He says he put his body on the line for 20 years and feels he's worth a mulligan and a fresh start. The crowd chant 'You Sold Out'. Show is offended, saying that this is his life, not theirs. He hears the whispers on him being considered a traitor, and deserves respect. He hears the cowards in the locker room and challenges them to come out.

Erik Rowan's music hits and he comes out. Show makes fun of him, calling him 'the reverse Sheamus' and mocking him and Grumpy Cat last week. Show says the ring is made for men. He tells him to leave. Rowan says he doesn't like bullies, and goes to attack him. Show manages to get out the ring and teases getting back in, but instead declares that Rowan has sealed his fate. Erik's music hits to close.

The 3-on-2 Handicap match is set for later, and voting is still ongoing.

Rollins, Mercury & Noble backstage. Joey & Jamie (J&J) are getting hyped, but Seth is concerned. Dolph comes in and says that he has faith in the two, asking his Twitter followers to vote for them. J&J look happy, but Seth's still upset.

A Live Steve Austin Podcast on the Network after Raw next week.

WWE Slam of the Week, recapping Nikki Bella's win over AJ Lee for the Divas title with THAT kiss.

Brie Bella is out with Nikki, ready for action. AJ Lee is out next, saying that Nikki's attire suits with her title belt, but Les-be-hon est about Brie, she cost her the title last night.

Match 5 - Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) vs. AJ Lee
With thanks to a distraction from Nikki, Brie wins with a roll-up.
WINNER - Brie Bella

AJ Lee points out that it took two Bellas to beat her but she breaks the news to them that wrestling talent cannot be sexually transmitted, and they're not event half the woman that she is... wait... The Bellas are both heel now? I give up... the Bellas are better joining Annie in the orphanage... sorry Cena & Bryan....

The 3-on-2 Handicap match is set for later, and voting is still ongoing.

Adam Rose & The Bunny are in the ring to take on Tyson Kidd & Natalya. Larry The Cable Guy & Santino are on commentary.

Match 6 - Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. Tyson Kidd & Natalya
Short match. With thanks to a mix up from the Bunny, Adam Rose is rolled up by Tyson for the win.
WINNERS - Tyson Kidd vs. Natalya

Ryback backstage, who's happy after his victory from earlier and still feels a little hungry. He's heading for some food... Uh-oh...

The New Day is dawning next Monday... look busy...

Ryback's at the concessions stand and he's hungry. Kane & Ryback have a mini-food fight. Yawn.

Renee backstage with Cena & Ziggler and Cena hypes up Ziggler's performance last night.

The 3-on-2 Handicap match is up next, and voting is still ongoing but about to close.

Big Show will be on MizTV on this Friday's Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler is out first for our main event, followed by John Cena. Daniel Bryan is coming out now to come to the ring. He gets the mic and introduces Seth Rollins. He then reveals the voting results. And with 93% of the votes, it's J&J.

Match 7 - Dolph Ziggler & John Cena vs. Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury
Decent match. Ziggler & Cena both get the win with stereo Attitude Adjustment and ZigZag finishers on J&J, with pins from both as well.
WINNERS - Dolph Ziggler & John Cena

Bryan throws Seth back in and gets a superkick from Dolph and an AA from Cena. The three celebrate in the ring... only for the apple message tone to ring out... uh-oh... and there's a stand next to the announce table... UH-OH! Cole says he received an email from the anonymous Raw GM, who declares that next Monday is Cyber Monday and order will return. E-mails galore come in as Raw goes off the air.

So, that was Raw. My thoughts on next week is that Cyber Monday will be WWE's 'Cyber Monday' with voting galore on matches throughout the night a la Taboo Tuesday & Cyber Sunday from back in the day. Hopefully that's what's set for next week's Raw in Tulsa, OK, but we'll see. Until then... ASHLEY OUT!
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Former Worls Champion Backstage At Raw

According to PWInsider, Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is backstage at tonight's WWE RAW in Indianapolis. There's been no word that Bryan will be appearing on TV tonight but this is the first taping that Bryan has been at in a while.
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