Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rey Mysterio Leaves WWE?

Over on, Rey Mysterio's profile has been moved to the Alumni section of which usually means the wrestler has left the company.
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Vince Russo Working With Lucha Underground?

Vince Russo attended this past weekend's Lucha Underground tapings.

There had been rumors that Russo was going to work for Lucha Underground but that's not the case. The company held a meeting with top officials and told them that Russo was not going to be hired. There were some veterans who did not believe that Russo was not being hired but top company officials insisted he wasn't being brought in.

Russo said he was there this weekend for one appearance and to produce podcast content but people backstage said Russo seemed like he wanted to get back into the business. Russo was treated very well while he was at the tapings but there was a feeling that he didn't know Lucha Libre. Russo apparently made a suggestion that the show needs more female wrestlers and that suggestion wasn't taken very well.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rumor Killer On Story Regarding Roman Reigns


One of the crazier rumors making the way around the Internet over the last 12 hours has been one that originated on where an anonymous user claimed that Brock Lesnar had walked out of the WWE Raw taping on Monday due to Roman Reigns failing a WWE Wellness test and the company deciding not to suspended Reigns.

Despite the lack of any sort of credible sourcing, the story picked up steam online via message boards and social media, to the point I woke up to over 150 emails all sending links to the story asking about it.

PWInsider reached out to WWE today regarding the rumor. I already suspected there was nothing to this (and we usually ignore such rumors), but given the huge play it has gotten via social media, I wanted to give the company a chance to respond to this sea of ridiculousness.

WWE's official statement:

"That story is absolutely, 100% untrue."
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*Spoiler* Results For WWE Smackdown 2/26/15



Daniel Bryan came out to address the crowd.  Bad News Barrett come out and called him a loser.  Dean Ambrose came out it led to a scenario where the two faces left Barrett laying.

Dean Ambrose beat The Miz.  Mizdow was not there.

Barrett was interview by Renee Young backstage and he ragged on Bryan.  It looks like he may be part of the IC Title picture at Mania.

Natalya, with Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, beat Naomi, with The Usos.

Rusev and Lana came out.  They ran down John Cena.  Jack Swagger came out to defend America but ended up in the Accolade.

Daniel Bryan beat Bad News Barrett in a non-title match.  R-Truth was on commentary.  Truth stole the Title belt.  His losing steak continues.

Fandango beat Curtis Axel.

Goldust beat Adam Rose.  After the match, Stardust came out of the Rosebuds and attacked his brother.

In the main event, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan beat Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane.
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Vince McMahon Comments On #GiveDivasAChance

Vince McMchon tweeted the following:

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