Saturday, April 19, 2014

WWE's Reaction To Eric Young Winning TNA Title

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

People within WWE are said to be "incredibly amused" by TNA putting their World Heavyweight Title on Eric Young in a knock-off of Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX. Nobody has any problem with Eric Young as a worker or a person as much as they think the booking is ridiculous.
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Mick Foley To Turn Down New WWE Offer

Mick Foley revealed in an interview with "The Drive with Marc James" on CBS Radio in Charlotte, North Carolina that WWE has offered him a new Legends deal but he probably won't sign it. Here is a quote from the interview:
"Honestly, I'm probably not going to sign my Legends deal with WWE because I don't think they did the right thing by the guys with the video game. The check was a little low. Last year, there was a bankruptcy, but this year there wasn't. So, I don't see the upside to signing the Legends deal when the carrot isn't there dangling. So, I'm not going to sign my Legends deal."
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Vince Russo Back With TNA

According to PWInsider,Vince Russo is indeed working for TNA again. He is on TNA's payroll as a consultant. Russo has been offering ideas and doing critiques of the TNA TV shows.

TNA creative is currently headed by John Gaburick. His team of writers is made up of David Lagana, Christy Hemme and Matt Conway. Gaburick sets the direction and comes up with ideas, with the help of the team. They then put it on paper and write the script. Apparently Russo is making changes to some original ideas before passing the script back to Gaburick.
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Report: WWE Tells Current and Former Talents to Stay Away from Nancy Grace


Nancy Grace is being BLACKBALLED by the WWE over the way she covered the death of the Ultimate Warrior ... with superstars (past and present) being warned stay off her show -- OR ELSE!

Grace most recently enraged WWE officials when she had Diamond Dallas Page on her HLN show and strongly insinuated that Warrior's death was the result of steroid and drug abuse.

In fact, she even brought a doctor on the show -- who never treated Warrior -- to speculate that steroids and drugs directly led to the deaths of scores of young wrestlers.

She even scrolled a list of names -- which included Owen Hart -- who died during a freak accident on the set ... which had NOTHING to do with drugs or 'roids.

Now, we're told WWE is circling the wagons to ostracize Grace -- and though they haven't sent any official memos, we're told there's a strong word going around the grapevine that anyone connected to the brand should STAY AWAY from Nancy if they wanna keep a working relationship.

... and that's the bottom line.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

ROH debuts on Live PPV with Best In The World '14‏


Baltimore, MD (April 17, 2014) – Ring of Honor Wrestling Entertainment, LLC (“ROH”) today announced that they have agreed to deliver live Pay-Per-View programming starting with Ring of Honor: Best in the World 2014 emanating from Nashville, TN on Sunday June 22nd at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

For the first time ever, fans will be able to experience a marquee ROH event live at home via all major cable or satellite providers and witness next generation wrestling innovation, epic rivalries and world championship bouts.

Ring of Honor: Best in the World 2014 will feature the likes of: Matt Hardy, Kevin Steen, the Briscoe Brothers, ROH World Champion Adam Cole, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal, as well as, Playboy cover girl and the first woman of ROH, Maria Kanellis and other elite wrestlers from ROH.

The start time for Ring of Honor: Best in the World 2014 is 8 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. PST with a runtime of 3 hours.  The event is rated TV-14 and will be available in High-Definition. The suggested retail price is $24.95 (SD).

In conjunction with ROH’s debut on live Pay-Per-View, ROH has moved Ring of Honor: Best in the World 2014 from Saturday night to Sunday.  Customers that have already purchased tickets for Saturday can use those tickets for Sunday.  If unable to attend, ROH will provide a refund.  Tickets should be mailed back to: Ring of Honor Wrestling, 2000 West 41st St., Baltimore, MD 21211. Contact: for questions or more information.

“We are thrilled to announce that ROH is now available live on Pay-Per-View via cable and satellite,” said Joe Koff, Chief Operating Officer of ROH.  “Fans hungry for the best wrestling in the world will now have access to their favorite brand of wrestling from the comfort of their couch in stunning high definition, which is something our customers have been demanding for some time.  We’re happy to deliver on that starting this June with Best in the World.”

For more information on Ring of Honor, visit:
Follow ROH on Twitter: @RingofHonor
Like ROH at:

Check your local listings to see where you can watch Ring of Honor TV each
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