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Live results for WWE Raw 4/21/14

Raw tonight comes from Baltimore, Maryland. We've got the continuation of the IC title contender's tournament with semi-finals and Daniel Bryan's set to make his return, as well as the re-masked Kane to 'eviscerate' him (Kane's words, not mine) and get the title back for The Authority. Stick around for the live recap.

We start with a recap of last week with Evolution returning to dominate The Shield.

In the arena now and Daniel Bryan's music hits and a clearly emotional Daniel Bryan (due to the passing of his father in the last week) makes his way to the ring. Brie Bella is in the ring doing the YES chant with the crowd, they hug and do the YES chant together with the crowd. Stephanie McMahon's music now hits and she makes her way to the ring. She congratulates them on Bryan's title win and their marriage. Steph wants to give them an exceptional wedding present, so at Extreme Rules, Bryan will be defending his belt against Kane. She then reminds Bryan that Kane wanted to eviscerate him and wants Brie to be safe.

Kane's entrance hits and Stephanie asks Kane to stop. Bryan & Brie head out the ring and towards the commentary desk and heading towards the crowd entrance. Kane runs in and attacks Bryan from the crowd. Kane then turns to Brie and goes to get her, but Bryan sees him off. Kane, however is too powerful and gives Bryan a Tombstone Piledriver on the ringside mat. Steph tells him to stop but Kane grabs the ring stairs and gives Bryan a second Tombstone Piledriver on the stairs this time. Steph keeps pleading Kane to stop and he does, allowing medics to see to Daniel. Kane then returns and knocks Bryan off a stretcher, dismantles the announce table and delivers a THIRD Tombstone Piledriver on the table, which doesn't break (probably intentionally) Stephanie simply says to Kane 'YOU BASTARD!' and Kane heads to the back. Major opener here.

Back from break and Bryan is on a stretcher now and being attended to by EMT's. Stephanie has both belts with her in the ring. Bryan is taken on the stretcher to the back, accompanied by Brie. Stephanie asks for a round of applause for Daniel, Steph not looking entirely sincere to be honest. They recap Kane's attack.

They're now switching gears to the IC title tournament, and Bad News Barrett is out now with some bad news, saying that Sheamus will be defeated by Barrett.

Match 1 - IC #1 Contender Tournament Semi-Final - Bad News Barrett vs. Sheamus
Good opener here. Bad News strikes the Bullhammer Elbow on the outside of the ring to Sheamus through the ropes to get the win.
WINNER - Bad News Barrett

Later tonight, Evoution will be here.

Bo Dallas promo.

They recap Hugh Jackman on Raw from 2011, with him helping out Zack Ryder to defeat Dolph Ziggler. Apparently Hugh Jackman is returning next week to promote the new X-Men movie, with Dolph wanting to bury the hatchet. There's also a Twitter feud apparently going on between Ziggler & Sandow too.

WWE App voting now, asking who Cena will face tonight, the choices being Luke Harper, Harper & Rowan in a handicap match or all of The Wyatts in a handicap match. VOTE NOW!

The Wyatts interrupt and Bray is on the stage with the Family, cutting a great promo saying how the fans get the choice of letting Cena have an easy fight or coming face to face with the truth early, that the fans don't love Cena no more. I cannot say this enough, Bray is great on the mic. 'He's Got The Whole World In His Hands...'

Los Matadores are in the ring ready for action, they're gonna be taking on 3MB in a rematch from Main Event, continuing the feud with EL TORITO and Hornswoggle.

Match 2 - Los Matadores (Diego, Fernando & EL TORITO) vs. 3MB (Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre & Hornswoggle) (w/Heath Slater)
This is as average as you'd expect. EL TORITO hits a triple team senton on McIntyre for the win.
WINNERS - Los Matadores

Recap of Evolution destroying The Shield last week. There's a limo backstage and out steps Batista, Triple H & Orton, all in formal wear. They'll be out in the ring next.

Back from break, Evolution's music hits and the team make their way to the ring to a pretty mixed crowd reaction, some fans clearly marking out for the return. Triple H (with a hoarse voice) saying that Shield claimed they were the dominant team in WWE. Orton then follows on, saying that this challenge only tempted Evolution to return. A video package plays now, recapping the days of Evolution back from 2003 to 2005. Batista says that there's 31 World titles between the three men in the ring and Shield didn't know what they were getting into. Deal with it.

As soon as he said that, Shield's music hits and they make their way through the crowd to the ring. Evolution head up the ramp. Dean gets the mic and says that they did take a beating like many times before, but they're hungry and now angry. Seth then says that they know what they're getting into and Extreme Rules will be an all-out war. Given that Triple H gave them an ultimatum, Reigns has an ultimatum, either they fight or run when The Shield head up the ramp. The Shield move but a whole bunch of heels join Evolution on the stage. Triple H says there's always a third option and reminds Shield that you have to adapt or perish... that's Evolution.

A recap of Kane attacking Bryan earlier.

WWE App voting continues on who Cena will face from the Wyatt Family.

Adam Rose promo.

WWE Network promo for Hall Of Fame Best Of Week. Classic inductions every night from 10E/9C from Tuesday through to Friday.

Ryback & Curtis Axel are at ringside on commentary for this next match. The Usos are out first followed by their opponents, The Rhodes Bros.

Match 3 - The Usos (Jey & Jimmy Uso) vs. The Rhodes Bros. (Goldust & Cody Rhodes)
Decent match. The Usos win with a super kick on Cody for the win.
WINNERS - The Usos

After the match and The Usos do a little celebrating, RybAxel sneak attack The Usos in the ring, with Ryback giving the Shellshock to one of the Usos. Another Extreme Rules match methinks.

WWE Slam City promo.

The IC #1 contender title tournament between Cesaro & RVD is later on.

Fandango & Layla are in the ring now. Layla is set for action against Emma, who out next accompanied by Santino.

Match 4 - Layla (w/Fandango) vs. Emma (w/Santino Marella)
So apparently there's a pink cobra too... NO, NOT THAT ONE! Anyway, Emma hits the Cobra on Layla for the win. Santino hit Fandango with the Cobra on the outside too.

After the match, the two Cobras are apparently infatuated with each other. Dear lord...

The WWE App voting for Cena's match is still on.

Renee Young interviewing Cena. Cena says that the 'He's Got The Whole World In His Hands' seems to be coming true. Tonight is all about survival. You can try to put him down but NEVER count him out. Voting continues.

Cesaro now makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman and new entrance music. Heyman introduces himself and Cesaro and reminds us once again that he also manages Brock Lesnar, who conquered the streak. He goes on to remind the crowd, only for the show to cut to break for viewers. Awkward...

Back from break and he continues remind the crowd that Lesnar beat the Streak... LMFAO! Rob Van Dam finally interrupts and our match is getting ready to go.

Match 5 - IC #1 Contender Tournament Semi-Final - Cesaro (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Rob Van Dam
Good match. Cesaro signals for the swing on RVD, only for Jack Swagger's music to hit and he and Coulter come to ringside. Cesaro goes outside which allows RVD to dive on Cesaro on the outside, only to be hit with an uppercut. Cesaro throws RVD in the ring but with the ref distracted, Swagger pushes Cesaro into the ring post. Cesaro fails to make it in the ring for the 10-count causing a count out.
WINNER by count-out - Rob Van Dam

Bad Booking WWE... Bad Booking. Anway RVD will be facing Bad News Barrett next week.

After all that Swagger continues to attack Cesaro, but he throws him out the ring. Cesaro then grabs Coulter and attempts to Cesaro Swing him. Swagger makes the save, but gets the Cesaro Swing treatment for his efforts, 12 revolutions.

Recap of Kane's attack earlier.

WWE App voting continues for Cena.

Renne is with RVD backstage celebrating his win, when Heyman & Cesaro come in and say RVD had a tainted victory with Swagger's help. Gven that RVD was a ex-Heyman guy, Heyman is disappointed. RVD has some advice for Cesaro, saying he should keep his wallet, car and house WELL away from Paul.

Aksan is out for Divas actin now, taking on Paige.

Match 6 - Aksana vs. Paige
OK match (which considering Aksana was in this match, is incredible). Paige gets the win with the Saraya Lock, now known as the Modified Scorpion Cross Lock.
WINNER - Paige

Friday's Smackdown will have Cesaro vs Swagger on it.

WWE Rewind with Rusev beating R-Truth on Smackdown and Xavier Woods getting destroyed.

Lana comes out to her superior entrance music and introduces Alexander Rusev who comes out to his farting music. He's squashing Sin Cara.

Match 7 - Alexander Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Sin Cara
Squash of sorts. Sin Cara did get some offence in but Rusev is too powerful and Rusev wins with the Camel Clutch.
WINNER - Alexander Rusev

WWE App voting will close after the break for Cena's opponent.

Bo Dallas Promo.

John Cena makes his way to the ring now. Jerry Lawler is announcing the results with the vote and with 53% of the vote, Cena's facing all three of The Wyatts. That's coming up next.

Back from break and The Wyatts cut in, greeting Baltimore, they're here and The Wyatts make their way to the ring.

Match 8 - John Cena vs. (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erik Rowan)
Decent match here. Wyatts dominate most of the match, but Cena manages to hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle & Attitude Adjustment on Bray, but before he can get the pinfall, Harper & Rowan attack Cena causing a DQ.
WINNER by DQ - John Cena

The Wyatts continue to beat down on Cena and Bray hits Sister Abigail on Cena. Bray gets another singalong with 'He's Got The Whole World In His Hands' as Raw cuts off.

Another eventful Raw, let's hope that the go-home show next week from St Louis can match it. Until then, ASHLEY OUT!
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Backstage News on WWE's Main Goal for Doing a Feud Between Evolution and The Shield


The main goal of WWE doing a feud between The Shield and Evolution is to push Roman Reigns as a top player and to get him into a singles match against Triple H.

The match with Triple H is rumored for SummerSlam but word is that it could end up taking place at Hell In a Cell or Survivor Series if they decide to stretch it out longer.
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Batista Taking Time Off From WWE

According to PWInsider, Batista is not currently being advertised for any WWE events following Extreme Rules, so it appears he will be taking some time off.

Batista  is expected to take a break to do promotional work for his next film, Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy", which opens in August.
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

TNA Talents Told Not To Take Photos With Jarretts

Over on Twitter, Jeff and Karen have been posting photos with several wrestlers on his Global Force Wrestling Twitter account.

According Wrestling Observer Newsletter, to TNA talents were told not to take any photos with Jeff or Karen Jarrett, particularly if they are contracted talents. Apparently Jeff taking photos with some of the talents has caused heat from TNA management.
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

WWE's Reaction To Eric Young Winning TNA Title

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

People within WWE are said to be "incredibly amused" by TNA putting their World Heavyweight Title on Eric Young in a knock-off of Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX. Nobody has any problem with Eric Young as a worker or a person as much as they think the booking is ridiculous.
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